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Hampton Downs is not just a prefix, it is a programme.
At Hampton Downs Simmental, belief is everything,
to make the ordinary extraordinary,
to take the boundary and extend it.
And we believe in our philosophy-The Power of Dreams.

It is a programme that concentrates on

• Positive direct calving ease
• Positive maternal calving ease
• Polledness
• Maternal strength and milk
• Femininity in females
• Structural correctness
• Moderate frame and easy fleshing
• Capacity
• Early finishing beef
• Carcass values, EMA, Fat cover, IMF, RBY
• Even temperament

It is a programme that concentrates on balanced trait selection

It is a programme that tries to avoid extremes

It is a programme that has dared to be different

It is a programme that believes absolutely that only live calves can provide an economic return on the breeding investment, that there is no money in dead calves

Enquiries and inspection are always welcome at any time and can be arranged by
contacting us on Phone / Fax (07) 826-3194
Email at

PROPRIETORS: Malcolm and Ngaire Entwisle, Hampton Downs Road, R.D.2, Te Kauwhata